Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: In Another Life by Cardeno C.

4.5 stars

This an adorable story about an 18-year-old, Shiloh, who feels his life has reached such a low that it would be better for everyone, in his mind, if he committed suicide. As he's taking his final breaths, he gets a glimpse of what his life could be if he lived. Not only does he have a great job and overall happiness, but he also finds the love of his life. Will Shiloh be able to live out the great life he's destined to have or will he be forced to regret the life he gave up?

This short story is filled with emotion, tenderness, heat and plenty of fluffy "aww" moments. Shiloh and Travis have a love many wish they could have and it was sweet seeing how everything turned out for the two men. Definitely recommended.

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~ M

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