Monday, June 15, 2015

Smells Like Teen Spirit by habibinasir

Smells Like Teen Spirit by habibinasir

Nasir and Agron find themselves in juvenile community service after Nasir expresses himself through graffiti and Agron's fist made itself at home in Caesar's face. At first their interactions are strained, but after a day of working together, a strong connection is forged and their lives are forever changed.

I really enjoyed this refreshing short story. I don't come across too many stories in which Nasir and Agron are teens, and even less when both of them are in trouble (usually it's Agron who can't seem to shake getting into bad situations), so seeing them both as snarky bad asses was a treat. It would be awesome if habibinasir continued this story, but Smells Like Teen Spirit is certainly great on its own. Highly recommended for Nagron fans!

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