Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Review: Full Exposure by Amy Jo Cousins

When Evan Pak provides his assistance during his brother's high profile photo shoot, he never expected to be used as a model and have his body splayed on the cover of an upcoming album. Evan figured he'd have a good laugh at the stereotypical rock star, Riley Flood, but ended up sharing a deep connection with him and weekend of hot sex!

On the surface, this book looks like the typical "geek falls for the dashing rock star" storyline, but it's deeper than that. The two men share a real connection and bond that even distance and their different stations in life can't break.

Although he initially comes off as a spoiled, entitled man-child, I enjoyed the complexity of Riley's character. He was flirtatious, but when he let down his walls, he had great compassion and kindness. Evan seemed like somewhat of a recluse, content to live in his own bubble, so I liked that his encounter with Riley brought him out of his shell a little and taught him how to live more in the moment.

3.5 stars

Full Exposure is a free read! Download your copy here.

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