Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book Review: First Time, Forever by K.C. Burn

Married couple, Trevor and Derrick, just sent their son off to college and are now experiencing an empty house for the first time in years. While they miss their son, there's no denying the fact that years of extra caution can now be thrown out the window and they can act like the wanton couple they once were. However, increased health issues, a few stray gray hairs and being weeks away from turning 40 causes Trevor to pull away from his younger husband.

Confused by Trevor's behavior, Derrick tries to do small, romantic things to put the spark back into the relationship. Unfortunately, those gestures are either ignored or shot down. Due to their busy work schedules they barely see each other at home and when they do, their interactions are tense, cold and awkward. At his wit's end, Derrick's insecurities begin to get the best of him. As both men deal with their fears, their relationship slowly starts to unravel.

I enjoyed this story because it featured a well-established, married couple. It's full of angst, mostly brought on by a lot of miscommunication between Trevor and Derrick, but it was nice to be inside each man's head throughout. My heart broke a little for Derrick as he tried to salvage his once strong relationship, and I empathized with Trevor as he struggled with aging and fearing that that love of his life might leave him. First Time, Forever was a touching and poignant story from start to finish.

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