Monday, January 16, 2017

Dad by Utsukushin

Dad by Utsukushin

Not having his parents around for a good portion of his adolescence has been weighing heavily on Haru's mind as of late. He soon finds himself at the Tachibana house even though he knows his best friend isn't home. It's Mr. Tachibana who offers fatherly advice and helps Haru through his feelings of resentment, pain and abandonment.

Even though this isn't a typical MakoHaru offering, I wanted to recommend it because it's such a beautiful short story. Haru is really feeling low and Mr. Tachibana, in all of his fatherly kindness and wisdom, shows Haru a different way of thinking. I am positive that this one shot will warm your heart. Definitely give it a try!

~ M
image: Kyoto Animation

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