Monday, December 19, 2016

Drive It Like You Stole It by venomedveins

Drive It Like You Stole It by venomedveins

Spartacus has a knack for taking in lost causes. It's how he's formed his group, his family really. Rebels and misfits that somehow find themselves stuck together by love and loyalty. It's a ragtag team, but they're bound by more than just affection. It's blood and salt and the strength that seems to burn along all over their spines.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one shot! It definitely has a The Fast & the Furious vibe to it, but also manages to stay true to the overarching Spartacus storyline with the rebels. The smart ass banter between Agron and Nasir will leave you laughing, and, as always, Duro's presence is a treat. Check it out!

~ M

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