Monday, September 18, 2017

We Are Not Our Influences by blushingalec

We Are Not Our Influences by blushingalec

During and argument, Magnus says something out of anger that he instantly regrets, unintentionally adding to Alec's already fragile self-esteem. He knows he needs to make this right, so he sets out, with great determination and love, to comfort his Alexander.

Talk about emotionally gripping! This story will pull you from the very beginning and will have you feeling a gamut of emotions: frustration, anger, sympathy, sadness and joy. Definitely give this beautifully written one-shot a try! I highly recommend it!

~ M

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Book Review & GIVEAWAY: Be My Best Man by Con Riley

~ Will Jason’s third time as a best man lead to first-time love for Vanya?

After fleeing violence in Moscow, student teacher Vanya Petrov winds up lonely in a run-down London hostel. At least visiting the Bond Street store where his roommate works lets him practice his English, but as Vanya's vocabulary expands, so does his isolation, especially when he sees happy couples planning their perfect weddings.

According to Jason Balfour, weddings are a waste of time and money. After all, he’s been best man for his brother twice already. Saying that a third marriage will end in divorce too leads to an angry ultimatum: to save his relationship with his brother, Jason must meet his fiancée, at last, and make a good first impression.

Jason’s need to dress to impress brings him and Vanya together. Language is no barrier to falling in love with the young and fragile Russian, and neither is their age difference. But Vanya’s bruised soul carries secrets that could rip them apart. As the wedding draws near, Vanya must confess, and soon, or risk losing Jason—his own best man in Britain.

I thought this was a beautiful story about a man who escapes the pain and torment of the past and finds solace, not only in a new location, but also through the love and encouragement of a new friend and man in his life. This is not to imply that love is a magic cure-all, but watching the growth and development of Vanya and Jason's relationship was quite nice.

If you're interested in an engrossing read with interesting and complex characters, this is the book for you!

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided my honest review.

~ M

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Last Worthless Evening by connorwalshruinedmylife

The Last Worthless Evening by connorwalshruinedmylife

After suffering a huge tragedy two years prior, Connor's best friends, Michaela and Asher, decide to push him back into the dating scene. They set him up on a blind date with a sweet guy who is everything Connor could ever want at this point in his life. The only problem is that he feels like he's betraying his former love by finding new love with Oliver. Will Connor be able to move forward or will he stay forever locked in grief and memories of love lost?

This is a very enjoyable story that will definitely pull at your heartstrings. Your heart will break for Connor as he deals with his grief and lingering memories, but you will also root for him and his happiness. Oliver, as always, is the sweetest cinnamon roll who is too good for this world. If you're looking for a pretty quick read that will take you on an emotional roller coaster, this is for you!

~ M

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Plus One by AlxSteele

Plus One by AlxSteele

After receiving an invitation to his brother's wedding, Alec is saddened by the fact that he doesn't have a "plus one" to name on the RSVP. Even though he's been in love with his best friend and roommate, Magnus, since forever, he can't bring himself to confess his feelings out of fear or ruining their friendship. When Magnus comes up with the idea that they pretend to be in a relationship for the sake of appearance, Alec is both enraptured and scared. He'll finally get to experience many of things he's only dreamed of with Magnus, but at the same time he knows this is all fake. Will he and Magnus be able to make it through the wedding without getting their hearts broken?

I loved every moment of this story! It is a monster of a read, clocking in at over 75,000 words, but I assure you, you will not be bored! This story is full of angst, pining, romance and heat and you'll fall in love with Alec and Magnus all over again. Check it out!

~ M

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

There's a Tear in My Heart Where Your Lies Left a Mark and Now Nothing is Clear by Madalena

There's a Tear in My Heart Where Your Lies Left a Mark and Now Nothing is Clear by Madalena

Betrayal, anger and insecurity lead Magnus to trust in the Seelie Queen when it's revealed that the Soul Sword is lost. He thought this would be the best option for protecting his people, but soon realizes he made the wrong choice. Through an unfortunate series of events, it's his Alec who suffers because of it. However, in an effort to save the love of his life, he may have unlocked something much greater.

Even though I'm still relatively new to the fandom, I've immersed myself in Malec fanfic, especially since the end of season two. I must say that this is one of the BEST Malec stories out there! Madalena perfectly captures the emotions of all of the characters, so much so that they're palpable; and creates so much tension and suspense that I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Definitely give this story a try! I highly recommend it!

~ M

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Book Review: His Manny Omega (Cafe Om #3) by Harper B. Cole

Wyatt's has no interest in confusing his daughter by bringing a female nanny into their house.

The three years since his wife Jen's death, their neighbor has been more than willing to take on the role as Chloe's nanny. But she's ready to move near her own grandchildren, and Wyatt has to find a replacement. The requirements are that they be willing to live in his home, love children, and be male.

Oliver has found fulfillment taking care of other people's children since he can't have his own.

After his alpha broke up with him because he couldn't have children, Oliver found a job at the Omega House, running their childcare program. He finds the job fulfilling, but it's not easy, keeping up his optimism in the constant evidence of the result of evil.

It seems like a perfect match.

Oliver is certain he can keep his attraction for his straight boss under control, but he can't help the way Wyatt and Chloe have captured his heart. Wyatt has never been with anyone but his wife, but it's becoming harder to deny that his thoughts toward Oliver are straying into decidedly dangerous territory.

As for Chloe? She has only one wish: for Oliver to become her daddy.

I don't often read A/B/O or mpreg stories, but this one piqued my interest and I gave it a try. This is a heart-felt story about two men who open their lives and hearts to one another, work through past trauma and insecurities and ultimately find more happiness than they could have imagined. It's relatively uncomplicated and the angst is kept to a minimum. If you're looking for an enjoyable and quick read, this is the one for you!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Time Bring Back to Time by samyazaz

Connor receives news that Oliver has been in an accident. Even though they're not on speaking terms, he's willing to do anything, even fake a relationship, to ensure Oliver is okay and well taken care of.

This fic was written during season one when the Coliver relationship was still very much in the air. I enjoyed taking this step back in time, even with a AU story, and reliving some of the struggles Oliver and Connor endured. Definitely give this story a shot. You won't be disappointed!

~ M
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