Thursday, October 18, 2018

Book Review: Blind Date by Kay Doherty

Dekker Callan is content with his life though he knows something is missing. Wanting the kind of love his friends share with their partners, Dekker is talked into taking part in a modeling and dating show as part of a fundraiser. He immediately falls in love with the anonymous, sexy voice on the other side of the wall, but fate has a surprise in store–his mystery man isn’t single.

Slade Gannon wasn’t supposed to take part in the dating show. That spot was for his roommate, Phil, who becomes ill and asks Slade to take his place. Slade has just recently gone through a breakup with his cheating boyfriend, George. Shocked and pleased when he wins the interest of handsome Dekker Callan, before he can go on the obligatory blind date, his ex asks for a second chance. Believing Dekker can’t possibly be as good on the inside as he looks on the outside, Slade agrees.

Dekker and Slade hit it off immediately, drawn to each other despite Slade being involved with someone else. They finally get their opportunity to be together when Slade finds out his boyfriend is still cheating, but just as they seem to discover the happiness they’ve been waiting for, George throws them one last hurdle—and this one may prove to be insurmountable.

This was an interesting read for me. Dekker is a very likable character, but the underlying storyline and what happens between the two MCs left a somewhat bad taste in my mouth. Had Slade not already been in a relationship, everything would have been cool, but the George situation, even though he wasn't the best guy in the world, made it difficult for me to root for the MCs.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided my honest review.

~ M

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Book Review & GIVEAWAY: Us Again by Nell Iris

When Alex gets a call in the middle of the night telling him his ex-boyfriend is in the hospital, he only hesitates for a second before rushing to Sammy’s side. But the Sammy in the hospital bed is fragile and not the same man who told Alex to leave seven months ago.

Alex wants to help Sammy get better and is desperate to find out what went wrong between them. Maybe he’ll even get a second chance with the man he hasn’t been able to get over.

But will Sammy let Alex back into his life?

This is a very emotional and visceral short story. We are immediately thrown into the turmoil that Alex and Sammy are experiencing after their sudden break up and Sammy's admittance into the hospital. My heart broke for Alex as he tried to be there for his former love, even when he was unsure about the entire situation. The reason for the break up didn't quite measure up to the build up in my opinion, but I commend Nell Iris for writing such a heart wrenching story in under 10,000 words.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided my honest review.

~ M

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY: Fling by Baylin Crow

Release Date: October 15

Length: 275 pages
Cover Design: Baylin Crow

Our time together has an expiration date.

HAYDEN: I don't remember a time when I didn't love him.
The only guy I've ever wanted sees me as nothing more than the kid next door and his younger sister's best friend. But when Dean comes home after college graduation, things are different. I've grown up, and the way his golden-brown gaze scorches a path over my body tells me he's noticed. When he makes me an offer I should refuse, I'm caught between my feelings for him and logic screaming that this idea is doomed to end in heartbreak.

DEAN: I'm not interested in anything serious but I need to have him.
I plan on spending a few months at home relaxing before beginning my dream internship. What I don't count on is my little sister's best friend sending me for a loop. He should be off-limits, but the pull I feel toward him is too strong to ignore. When I come up with a solution to spend the summer together in secret, I'm sure I have it all figured out. I just need to work him out of my system.

It's supposed to be free of complications...a fling. By the end of summer, it's anything but simple.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Blog Tour: Oceans Apart by J.K. Hogan

Title: Oceans Apart
Author: J.K. Hogan
Publisher: Euphoria Press
Release Date: October 1, 2018
Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 85K words
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, (gay) virgin, first time, coming out

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Bored of with his mundane life, Leo Takahashi heads to the East Coast to find a new adventure. A series of unfortunate circumstances leave him in a potentially disastrous predicament: a gay man stranded in a backwater town of coastal North Carolina.
Sellars Hodge is a farmer from a long line of farmers who has never left his family’s land. He’s never even seen the ocean despite living less than ninety miles from the coast. In fact, he’s never done or seen anything interesting—he’s never even had a date.

When a stranded motorist stays at his house, Sellers gets a glimpse of everything he can never have. Though fear of his father’s reaction keeps him silent, Sellars’ two deepest secrets won’t stay hidden. The more time he spends with Leo, the less satisfied he is with the hand he’s been dealt and the choices he never had.

Leo wants to set up a quiet, independent life on the coast, but he feels pulled toward Sellars. He hates the idea of leaving such a vibrant, gentle giant behind to waste away on that farm.

Storms, both figurative and literal, brew in their lives, and they can only hope those storms clear the path to self-discovery and, most of all, love.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Even If We Can't Find Heaven by katychan666

Magnus recently got out of a very toxic relationship that totally broke him. He's pushed his friends away and has never felt more alone. When he haphazardly wishes on star to take away the heavy burden of loneliness after a drunken evening in the loft, he awakens to a surprise (and miracle) he couldn't have imagined in a million years. 

This is one of those adorable stories that just make you feel good from the inside out. There are some intense, angsty moments, but the fluff between Magnus and Alec is so adorable your heart will surely melt. Please give this sweet story a try! You won't be disappointed.

~ M

photo credit: Freeform

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Blog Tour: A Chosen Man by Jaime Reese

Title: A Chosen Man
Series: The Men of Halfway House Series
Author: Jaime Reese
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
(can be read as standalone)
Release Date: September 26, 2018
Photographer: Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography

For Wall McCormack, actions speak louder than words. He’s giving and protective, loyal to his friends, and devoted to his job. While confident and powerful enough to conquer any challenge, his greatest strength lies in his calm nature. Until an unexpected assignment sends his world into a loud and colorful chaos he never could have anticipated.

Rejection. It’s something Dylan Vaughn has known his entire life. But he’s a tough nut to crack and refuses to break. Armed with a sharp tongue and brutal honesty, he pushes through life and at anyone who attempts to take him on. Except for the quiet guardian who piques his interest and dares him to want…more.

When Dylan’s past comes back with a vengeance and jeopardizes their growing connection, Wall will stop at nothing to protect the younger man and remain by his side. But convincing Dylan that someone accepts the real man behind the cocky facade might prove to be Wall’s greatest challenge yet.

With his freedom on the line, Dylan must trust the strength of their bond and confront the forces threatening their future. Only then will he realize the dream of acceptance is real and finally have a place to call home.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Let's Live Again by Icylightning

Let's Live Again by Icylightning

Alec is a famous actor taking Hollywood by storm. Magnus is his biggest fan who admires him from afar. He's managed to earn roles as an extra in some of Alec's projects, but has never gotten the courage to actually approach his idol. Alec leads a successful, but lonely existence. The man he's in love with refuses to come out of the closet and all Alec wants to do is love and be loved. Could a chance encounter with an extra make that possible?

This is an interesting story so far. It's still in its beginning stages, but it's captured my attention and made me excited to read more. So far, there has been a nice amount a sweet moments as well as angst. I look forward to seeing how Magnus and Alec's relationship develops and I'm sure you will too!

~ M