Wednesday, June 28, 2017

For the First Time by shions_heart

For the First Time by shions_heart

How ReiGisa, SouRin and MakoHaru first spoke those three life-changing words.

This is such a sweet story! shions_heart stays pretty true to the canonical behaviors of each of the characters when describing their relationships and conversations. Your heart will warm reading about the sweet things the boys do for one another. Check it out!

~ M

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Blog Tour: A Way with Words by Lane Hayes

Title:  A Way with Words
Series: A Way With Stories Series
Author: Lane Hayes
Publisher: Self Pub
Release Date: June 22
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 24k approximately
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Humor, New York City

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Tony De Luca is a simple guy. He works for his uncle’s Brooklyn-based construction firm. And he knows from experience that keeping his head down and doing his job is the best way to deal with the meddlesome family members he sees daily. They think he’s quiet and maybe a little awkward but the truth is more complicated. Tony has a secret he isn’t ready or willing to share. He’s an expert at avoiding familial scrutiny. At least he was until the sexy guitar player showed up.

Remy Nelson is a small-town, free-spirited guy looking for a new life in the big city. He stays busy playing his instrument on a busy Manhattan street corner during the day and bartending at night. Remy is more interested in finding steady employment than a mate, but he can’t deny his attraction to the dreamy construction worker with soulful eyes, a kind heart, and a unique way with words. Falling for Remy wasn’t what Tony expected, but keeping him will require courage. And an end to keeping secrets.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I ❤️ Yaoi: Forever and Ever by Kouryuseki (Free! Doujinshi)

Hello yaoi lovers! This week's feature is the Free! doujinshi, Forever and Ever by Kouryuseki!

Makoto has a nightmare and fears it could be a premonition of the future. He will do everything in his power to ensure that what happened in his dream does not happen in real life.

This is a pretty serious and emotional dj, but it also shows the depth of feeling Makoto and Haru have for one another. The story not only portrays romantic love, but also plantonic love, admiration and friendship in a really beautiful way. Give this dj a try!

Read Forever and Ever here.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Review: So Into You by Remmy Duchene (Intoxication #1)

Alfred Leung’s life is in the crapper. From his gold-digging, racist mother and a cheating ex-boyfriend to his hang-ups about sex—everything in his existence depresses him. Add to it passing his days serving faux French food in a diner. It isn’t how he planned on spending the rest of his life, so the fates have definitely conspired against him. Just out of a relationship, he decides to focus on work and going back to one of the things that makes him happy—photography. Then, in his Armani suit, Darius Stark walks through the door of the diner, and Alfred’s world is about go into a tail spin he never saw coming.

Darius Stark hasn’t been with a man in years. Men see the suit and run screaming in the other direction or they tear-ass toward him because they see dollar signs. He decides to focus on his business, but soon he’s buried himself so deeply in his work that years goes by without someone to love. Finally, he sees Alfred and wants him, but Darius is about to find out not everyone thinks he’s almighty and that some men are flawed.

This is a pretty enjoyable read about a man from humble means discovering love with a handsome, successful and extremely rich man who cherished and adored the ground he walked! I can't help but appreciate that the two main characters are persons of color. Race does play a role in this story, but it has a distinct purpose to the plot and isn't shoehorned into the story for the sake of it. Alfred and Darius are just two men in the world trying to live their lives.

The chemistry between Alfred and Darius is sweet and passionate, and I found myself truly rooting for their happiness. There is one plot line that was kind of left hanging in my opinion, concerning Alfred's mother, but I think readers, overall, will be satisfied with outcome. So Into You is a quick read that will warm your heart and make you think.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blue Lotus, White Lotus by shions_heart

Blue Lotus, White Lotus by shions_heart

Nagisa, Makoto and Haru are stolen from their homes when they are children to serve under King Matsuoka. As they grow into adults, they face many difficulties, but also discover love, hope, friendship and the true meaning of loyalty.

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC read! I spent two days binge reading this fic and I loved every single moment. It has everything you could ever want from an epic fanfic, and I loved that the author stayed true to the canon characteristics of the Free! characters even though they were in an AU setting. shions_heart  received inspiration from this gorgeous tumblr post:

If you're a ReiGisa, MakoHaru and/or SouRin fan, you will love this story! Highly recommended!

~ M

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Nagron's Greatest Hits: Travelin' Tonight on a Plane by Blu_Rain

While boarding a plane for work, Agron reminisces about his brother, Duro.

Even though this story focuses more on Agron and Duro's relationship, I thought it was beautifully written. Blu_Rain did an incredible job conveying the disappointment, grief and determination behind Agron's actions. Give this one-shot a try! You won't be disappointed.

~ M

Friday, June 9, 2017

Book Review: Back Home by R.J. Scott

Falling for his brother's boyfriend broke his heart. Now he's back home and falling in love all over again.

One birthday kiss, given on a dare, and Kieran realizes he is in danger of falling for his brother’s boyfriend, Jordan. Leaving for college, then moving to another country is the only way to ease the ache in his heart.

But, when his father becomes ill, and his sister begs him to come home, Kieran returns for good. He finds the family business nearly bankrupt and Jordan, the man he ran from, beaten down by despair and guilt.

Friendship is what they promise each other as they work to repair the business, but it could never be enough for Kieran. When secrets spill, and there are vital decisions to be made, Kieran realizes two things; he’s back home, and he wants to stay with Jordan for good.

Now he just needs to convince Jordan.

I was pleasantly surprised by how fast I was drawn into this story and its characters. It's been a while since I've read a book by R.J. Scott, but after reading this, I'll definitely add more books to my TBR list. The book is filled with hope, romance and longing, but it also contains a lot of heartrending moments that will tug at the heartstrings. All of the characters are very likeable people that made me root for their happiness and success. I felt like there were a few filler scenes that didn't really add much, and made me long for more interaction between Jordan and Kieran, but they weren't prevalent.

All in all, this is an enjoyable read that will make you fall in love with the main characters.

3.5 stars
I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided my honest review.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Blog Tour: Something Like the Real Thing (Sing Out #4) by Hanna Dare

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 60,000 words

Cover Design: Natasha Snow

Sing Out Series

Life In A Nowhere Town (Book #1) (See Below)
California Schemin' (Book #2) Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Man Who Told The World (Book #3) Amazon US | Amazon UK


He always has a plan.

Jesse Preston is exactly where he always wanted to be: in LA, recording an album. So why does he feel like he's about to lose everything? One thing he's sure of is that he needs to keep his bisexuality hidden... but he never planned on falling for someone. Not just anyone - TV star who's one half of a famous, and straight, celebrity couple.

One kiss can change everything...

Grayson Adler is used to pretending. He's an actor after all. So when he's asked to keep his break-up with his troubled co-star a secret he has no problem playing along. He also has no problem showing Jesse around LA. Grayson likes spending time with him, likes making him laugh, likes him more than he'd ever expected. But they're just friends, right?

In a town where everybody's got secrets, how can they be sure of what's real?

This novel can be read as a standalone. It's complete at 60,000 words, with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It does feature ping-pong, hats, dance breaks, and explicit scenes between adult men.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I'm Not Going Anywhere (Without You) by Lycosolen

I'm Not Going Anywhere (Without You) by Lycosolen

Things have been tense and awkward since Oliver's proposal and Connor can no longer stand it. He can't bear the thought of Oliver being mad at him, but at the same time, there are things they need to work out before they can make such a monumental commitment.

This is a great look at what could potentially happen between Oliver and Connor after the proposal in the season three finale. Lycosolen portrays this very realistically, but also provides a lot of hope and heartwarming sweetness. Check it out!

~ M

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Book Review: Find His Way Back by Nell Iris

Shakespeare-loving teacher Elliot Dunn has been unhappy living in the big city for a long time. He yearns for fresh air, visible stars, and stillness, but his relationship with divorce lawyer Mick Hudson keeps him from moving away.

When a dramatic event occurs in Elliot’s class, he’s shaken to his core and suddenly can’t stay anymore. He leaves his partner of two years behind and returns to the tiny town in the mountains where he grew up.

Living in a rented cabin in the woods, with only an owl for company, Elliot slowly regains his peace of mind. But being away from Mick is agonizing, and when a ghost from Elliot's past pays him a visit, everything comes to a head.

Elliot is faced with a hard decision. Should he stay on the stress-free mountainside alone, or return to the hustle of the city and try to make a life with Mick?

This is a pretty quick read about a man who feels trapped: he's trapped living in a city he hates, the administration of the school he works for turned its back on him after a serious incident and he fears that he's being placed back in the closet by his partner. Unable to take it any longer, Elliot decides to return to a cabin in his hometown and just decompress. While there, Elliot is able to fully think about his life and the decisions he's made.

While this is a good premise, I feel like it wasn't fully actualized. Much of the story is told through flashbacks and I often felt like I was being told various points of the story instead of watching them unfold. I also felt like pieces were missing, especially when it came to Mick. Why was he afraid to fully come out? What happened in his past? The brief introduction of Elliot's father also seemed to come out of nowhere and ended very abruptly. I would have liked to have learned more about that situation, but it was glossed over.

All in all, this was an okay read. I couldn't really connect with Elliot and Mick because I just didn't know enough about them. They seemed likable for the most part, but more development would have helped.

2.75 stars
I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided my honest review.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Book Review: Sex Ed by Z.B. Heller

Jaxson Dane is harboring a secret.

Not the fact that he’s a geeky comic book lover, or that he secretly draws his own comic, Bunny Fu Ninja Warrior. It’s not even classified information that he’s out and proud!

His secret is the shame that he’s a twenty-three-year-old virgin.

Jaxson isn’t waiting for marriage or even afraid of taking that step, he just hasn’t found the one guy who will accept all of his adorkable qualities. Due to an unfortunate mishap with a self-pleasuring apparatus and his favorite appendage, Jaxson meets Tyler Mason. The emerald-green-eyed nurse is a witness to the mortifying incident, leaving Jaxon both grateful and disappointed in their one-time meeting.

And then Tyler somehow shows up at Jaxon’s family dinner.

The very dinner at which Jaxson’s hidden virginity is revealed to everyone, including the captivating nurse.

Even though he secretly found the ER situation hilarious, Tyler is also able to look past it to see Jaxson’s genuine nature and is drawn to the charming and hapless comic book artist. He’s tempted to pursue the inexperienced Jaxson, but a recent and life-altering decision puts a damper on his wants and desires. However, the more time they spent together, the more willing he is to take the risk of juggling his new commitments and winning Jaxon’s affections.

A large, insane, and meddlesome family, two prying co-workers, and a sexy nurse are all trying to give Jaxson a crash course in Sex Ed. Will he pass?

This is a really enjoyable read. There is a great mix of romance, a little angst and a lot of humor. I have to admit that all of the humor wasn't my cup of tea, but I have to commend Z.B. Heller for not only tackling difficult task of writing it, but also succeeding at it for a lot of people. All of the characters are likeable, and I really enjoyed the progression of Jaxson and Tyler's adorable relationship!

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided my honest review.

~ M