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Fallen Angel by jaydogrut

Fallen Angel by jaydogrut - COMPLETE

In this sequel For the Love of an Angel, we find Edward and Jasper receiving a second chance at love. The only caveat is that they don't know one another and literally have to start from scratch. Some may think this will be easy since they both live in the same town and attend the same school, but Edward is still considering himself straight and is in a relationship with Bella. Even with the help of Angel Emmett, will the boys find each other and finally live the life that was tragically ripped away from them?

While this story isn't quite as angsty as For the Love of an Angel, it does have its moments when you think "this is never going to happen". :( However, Jay inserts a twist and things seemingly start to fall into place. Readers, who already hated Jasper's parents from the last story, will get an even better look at the dysfuction and unacceptance he had to deal with growing up.

Obviously I'm not going to give away the ending, but I do hope you'll give this story a try. It embodies all of the great things you look for in a story: angst, redemption, love and triumph. Just keep in mind that you'll definitely need to read For the Love of an Angel first in order to fully understand what's going on.

~ M

Friday, October 26, 2012

For the Love of an Angel by jaydogrut

For the Love of an Angel by jaydogrut - COMPLETE

After marrying and setting off for their honeymoon, Edward and Jasper are in a horrific accident with tragic results. Edward is now gone and Jasper must deal with the aftermath. Will Jasper be able to carry on without the love of his life or will he succumb to the severe pain and depression knowing that their time together was cut short? All the while an angel is looking out for him, devastated that he can't comfort the man he loves so dearly.

When I read this story last year, I was immediately captivated. The pain that both Jasper and Edward feel is so palpable that I had to take breaks from the story just so I could gather myself and my emotions. Not only do readers get to watch the tragic love story between the two men, but they also get thrown into a "whodunit" mystery that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Jay, one of the few male fanfiction writers in the Twilight fandom, has written a great story that will keep you guessing, wishing and hoping until the very end.

Make you sure you have Kleenex available because this is one heartbreaking, angst-filled story. However, don't let that deter you from reading. It's definitely worth your while.

~ M

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book Review: Men of Smithfield: Adam and Holden by L.B. Gregg

Former tv star and adventurer, Holden Xavier Worthington, has lived a privileged life. He came from old money and built a rather profitable career on tv and in publishing. In the midst of all this wealth, adventure and seeming happiness, Holden lives with crippling agoraphobia; only seeing the outside world from the safety of his 9,000 square foot mansion. When the object of his desires, gardner Adam Morgan, digs up a dead body behind his shed, Holden embarks on an adventure he never dreamed of taking.

I liked this story for the most part. The characters were well developed and complex. The blatant snobbery exhibited by the townspeople, and even Holden himself, irked me. I thought people were a little too quick to blame Adam for every little thing because of his past and the fact that he was not of the same social class. Approximately 75% into the book, the story started to lag a bit and I yeared for the mystery be solved so the characters could finally move on. I understand that we had to suspect everyone, but after a while it became tedious wondering which family member, ex-boyfriend, family friend or new lover could be the murderer.

Even though many of the secondary characters annoyed me to no end, I did enjoy seeing the relationship between Holden and Adam develop. I think that was the absolute best part of the tale. The mystery was interesting, but, like I said before, it dragged a little too much for my liking.

3.5 stars

This galley was provided to me by the publisher via Netgalley.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Elevator Ride by TheDarknessFallingStar

The Elevator Ride by TheDarknessFallingStar

Edward and Jasper have been admiring each other from afar for quite a while. However, Edward's extreme shyness and the fact that Jasper is the boss put a damper on guys acting on their attraction for one another. With the help of some meddling friends, Jasper and Edward finally let go and give in.

This story is definitely one you don't want to skip. I loved watching Edward and Jasper dance around each other; both wanting the other desperately, but neither doing so until they received a slight nudge from their friends. I don't want to give anything away, but so far the elevator ride is VERY NICE! Yum!

Check out this steamy story! You won't be disappointed!

~ M

Monday, October 22, 2012

Carousels and Wishing Wells by KellanCougar

Carousels and Wishing Wells by KellanCougar

Unhappy with this love life, Emmett finds himself at a fair, admiring the carousel and dropping coins into the wishing well. The bright lights and happy faces of the patrons around him bring some semblance of joy, but not enough to cure his broken heart. When a mysterious man literally walks into his life, the world as he knows it is forever changed. The immediate physical chemistry Emmett shares with Edward is unparalleled, but it's the emotional connection that's frightening in its intensity. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. When the fair packs up and leaves, so does Edward and the happiness that filled Emmett's heart and soul for one glorious night.

Will Edward and Emmett reconnect or will he fall back into the arms of his manipulative ex?

Please take a moment to read this enchanting story! It is so incredibly good!

~ M

Friday, October 19, 2012

Come Away With Me by kerigocrazy

Come Away With Me by kerigocrazy - COMPLETE

Quil and Embry have always relied on each other. Quil is Embry's shoulder to cry on when he's treated as a outcast because of his lineage; and Embry supports his best friend as he tries to deal with imprinting on a toddler. At first the two men seek each other out for physical release, but soon their feelings change and revelations are made.

This is an absolutely lovely story that I would strongly encourage everyone read, even if you're not into wolfpack stories. The connection Quil and Embry share is heartwarming and the last couple of paragraphs gave me the warm and fuzzies.

Come Away With Me also came in first place in the Slash Backslash 4.0 contest, so definitely show kerigocrazy a little love and check out her incredible love story.

~ M

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where's Freedom? by Ratts

Where's Freedom? by Ratts

In this sequel to Whispering Heart, we find scene stealer, Ryan, as a 16-year-old dealing with normal teenage issues. However, he's also dealing with the loss of his his beloved Paul, who left him seven years prior. Through it all, Ryan's love for the troubled wolf never wavers and he hopes and prays that someday Paul will return to him.

Where's Freedom is a wonderful stoy that highlights the relationship between Jacob and Edward's son, Ryan, and the angry wolf, Paul. In Whispering Heart, we caught glimpses of their relationship, but because of Ryan's age and Paul's haunting past and inability to move forward, we only saw them interact on a platonic level. Now Ryan is older, but Paul is no less troubled.

There are so many twists and turns in this story that you won't know what to expect next, but that's one of the great things about this story. Just when you think you have it all figured out, something happens that makes you question everything. This go round, the scene stealer is definitely James, the adorable human who infiltrates the royal family and becomes an integral part of many lives.

I can't express how wonderful this story is. Please check it out for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

~ M

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Contests: Slash Backslash 4.0 Winners

Slash Backslash 4.0 winners have been announced!

Hosts' Pick Award
Ashes to Ashes by Miss Dare

Reader's Choice Award
The Tree House by moirae

Validator's Choice Award
Gay for Pay by EdwardsMate4ever

Judges' Vote - 1st Place
Come Away With Me by kerigocrazy

Judges' Vote - 2nd Place
Tiny Blue Speedos by mrsbeas

Judges' Vote - Honorable Mention
A Genius for Affection by Karenec

Congratulations to all the winners. There were so many great stories! For a complete listing of all the entries as well as the list of art winners, visit the Slash Backslash 4.0 page.

~ M

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tempting Nerdy Expectations by Lis123

Tempting Nerdy Expectations by Lis123

Nerdy and quiet, Edward doesn't get out much. In an effort to pull her brother out of his shell, and the house, Alice enlists the help of her popular friend, Jasper. As the two young men get to know each other, Jasper slowly teaches Edward how to become more confident and assertive. Something Jasper did not expect were his growing feelings towards the ugly duckling who turned into a swan right before his very eyes.

This is a sweet drabble-esque story that will bring a smile to your face. Edward is absolutely adorable and Jasper will make you swoon. You don't want to miss out on this delightful story!

~ M

Friday, October 12, 2012

Whispering Heart by Ratts

Whispering Heart by Ratts - COMPLETE

Jacob is a spoiled, narcissistic, selfish prince. He only does things for his own enjoyment and gain and doesn't care who he steps on in the process. When he buys a vampire at slave auction, something inside of him almost instantly shifts. Kind-hearted and quiet, Edward resigns to his fate as a slave to the Alpha prince. However, over time the two men develop an uneasy friendship and camaraderie that slowly evolves into something much more.

I was captivated by this story when I read it. Jacob is such an unlikable character. He's mean, impatient and an all around jerk. However, Edward slowly chips away at his facade and teaches Jacob some lessons that not only make him a better wolf, but a better Alpha to his subjects.

Definitely check out this story! I know you'll really enjoy it! Oh, and also pay attention to the delightful character, Ryan. He will capture your heart immediately.

~ M

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Review: Angel's Redemption by Andi Anderson

I've enjoyed all of the Men of Charlestown books I've read so far and this one is no exception. I remember feeling so bad for Jackson at the end of Daniel's Dream (Men of Charlestown), seeing him mourning the death of his husband. Knowing that he had his own book excited me and I'm so glad I read this charming story. Both Jackson and Elijah have been through their fair share of pain, but through each other's love and acceptance, they rise above the pain and find true love in the process. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance and endearing characters (Shiloh was absolutely delightful).

Buy here.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Betwixt and Between by LyricalKris

Betwixt and Between by LyricalKris

In the blink of an eye, everything Jasper and Edward have known is swept away. After an climbing accident, Jasper ends up in the hospital, alive and seemingly with no permanent injuries. He remembers everyone around him except one person...his husband, Edward. Jasper still believes he's in his former heterosexual marriage and has no recollection of his time with Edward.

I have read some heartbreaking stories in my time, but I think this is one of the most heartbreaking ever because the circumstances are beyond anyone's control. Jasper is confused and bewildered, having lost years of his life; while Edward silently suffers not knowing what to do or how to help the man he so desperately loves. He fears he's losing him and is helpless to stop it.

My heart breaks a little more with each new chapter and I wish with all that I am that Jasper and Edward will find their way to one another again. In the meantime, we're in for one hell of an emotional rollercoaster!

~ M

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Contests: Public Lovin' Twilight Fanfiction Contest

Smut, smut and more SMUT!!!!

Who doesn't love that, right?

Well, this is the contest for you! The Public Lovin' Twilight Fanfiction Contest is all about getting down and dirty in public. All pairings are encouraged and entries are now being accepted through November 25th.

If you're interested in participating, please check out the rules and guidelines. You will also need to fill out an entry form.

Judging/voting takes place between November 26th and December 7th, and winners will be announced on December 8th.

Good luck!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

My First, My Last, My Everything by sue273

My First, My Last, My Everything by sue273

For four years, Jasper and Edward have been in a loving relationship. However, no one but the two of them knows about it. They pretend to be buddies and roommates because Edward is afraid of the ramifications he believes he'll suffer if he comes out. After waiting and being stifled emotionally, Jasper decides enough is enough. If Edward isn't willing to make their relationship public to their friends and family, who have no issues with same-sex relationships, it's probably best that he move on. It breaks his heart, but it must be done.

This story is heartbreaking and angst-filled, but soooo good! sue273 portrays both characters with such rawness that you'll feel as though two of your own personal friends are going through emotional turmoil and upheaval. I find myself anxiously awaiting each update because I can't wait to see what happens next! Will Edward finally man up and stop hiding or lose the love of his life? Will Jasper move on and find the type of relationship he's always dreamed of...with someone else (namely a handsome, blond named Carlisle)? Put this story on your alerts list to find out!

~ M

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Angel by L.A.91

My Angel by L.A.91 - COMPLETE

Freshly out of the closet, Edward lives a pretty good life. He's one of the most popular guys at school and hangs out with a pretty cool crowd of friends. He seems to have the world at his fingertips, but the one thing that throws a wrench into his ideal existence is Emmett. Edward has had a crush on him for years, but they run in different circles...and Emmett is straight. He's just as popular as Edward, but they've never interacted very much.

When the opportunity arises for them to finally get to know each other better, Edward learns something very important about his crush. However, those feelings of happiness are dashed with a violent incident occurs at a party.

I really liked this one shot. Even though there are some shocking and disturbing moments, the overall theme of support, love and being a shoulder to lean on shines through. The story is mainly focused on Edward and Emmett, but I thought secondary character, Jasper, was really cute. To me, he seemed like an excited puppy, happy to get to know people and make new friends. :) His own spin off story would be lovely to read (hint, hint, L.A.91). lol

Definitely check out this story! Some parts are difficult to read, but the sweet, loving moments make up for it.

~ M

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A Month of Discounts from Dreamspinner Press!

Dreamspinner Press is offering discounts during the month of October in honor of Halloween!

Oct. 1-4: All ebooks in the Angels & Demons category are 25% off.

Oct. 5-7: All ebooks in the Vampires & Shifters categories are 25% off.

Oct. 8-11: All ebooks in the Fantasy, Fairytales and other Paranormal categories are 25% off.

Book Review: Chaser by Rick R. Reed

Caden DeSarro is what they call a chubby chaser. He likes his guys with a few extra pounds on them. So when he meets Kevin Dodge in a bar bathroom, he can’t help but stare, even if he does make an ass of himself. As far as Caden is concerned, Kevin is physically perfect: a stocky bearded blond with a dick that’s just right. (They met in the bathroom—of course he looked!) But Caden gets tongue-tied and misses his chance.

When Caden runs into Kevin one night on the El train, he figures it’s fate offering him a second shot. Caden manages to get invited back to Kevin's place for a one-night stand that turns into the kind of relationship he’s dreamed about.

But the course of true love never did run smooth, and Kevin and Caden’s romance is no exception. When Caden returns from a few weeks away on business, Kevin surprises him with a new and “improved” body—one that fits Caden’s shallow friend Bobby’s ideal, not Caden’s. Caden doesn’t know what to do, and his hesitation is just the opportunity Bobby was looking for. This isn’t the same Kevin he fell in love with… is it?

I really thought this would be a sweet story about two opposites who rose above the superficial and built a real life together. What I got was a story about a man, Caden, who turns out to be just as superficial as his manipulative best friend, Bobby.

I was really surprised by Caden's reaction to Kevin after his transformation and often wondered what these two men even saw in each other. They certainly shared a strong sexual chemistry, but beyond that, I never felt the major connection between them. Caden and Kevin fell for each other pretty quickly, but neither really knew anything about the other. Kevin was a wonderful character and probably the only one I liked in the entire book. Bobby was the ultimate villain. He lied, he manipulated and he schemed, all the while stabbing his best friend in the back. Caden acted TSFL when it came to Bobby's actions, even when the evidence was spelled out for him. He would rather believe the backstabber, whom he acknowledges as a bad friend, over the man he supposedly loves. I also felt the internal monologues of both Kevin and Caden became tedious after a while. I would have preferred more interaction rather than constantly being stuck inside their heads.

The ending was very abrupt and left me disappointed and questioning whether Kevin and Caden's relationship would even work in the future. Kevin seemed too good for wishy-washy Caden.

2.5 stars

Buy Links
Dreamspinner Press | Amazon

~ M

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Contests: SWW Anonymous Halloween Picture Prompt Competition

If you love Halloween... (I do!)

If you love Twilight slash... (I definitely do!)

If you spend your days and nights on Facebook... (no comment)

This is the contest for you! The Slash Writers' Workshop is hosting the Anonymous Halloween Picture Prompt Competition where slash writers can flex their muscles and compose a hauntingly scary slash story. All entries are anonymous.