Thursday, January 28, 2016

Book Review: The Music of Love by Diana Sheridan

Chance has been studying piano under Daniel's tutelage since his mid-teens. He's recently graduated from high school and is about to embark an adventure studying at Julliard in New York City. Daniel is extremely happy for his student, but there is one thing that has been plaguing his thoughts for a while now. He is in love with Chance.

I wish I could say I really enjoyed this short story, but unfortunately I cannot. After reading the book's synopsis and falling in love with the gorgeous cover, I thought this would be an interesting look at how two men, who were formerly teacher and student, can move past all of the obstacles in their way and possibly fall in love. That is not what happened at all.

Throughout most of the book Daniel laments about how in love he is with Chance and the fact that he's 17 years older. It's brought up constantly.

"Would Chance want to be with someone 17 years older?"
"How could Chance deal with being with a man 17 years older than himself?"
"I'm so much older than Chance..."
"Does Chance even like men?"

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Don't Do Families by queenbea

I Don't Do Families by queenbea

It's no secret that Connor does not do boyfriends. However, after a little good-intentioned finagling, Oliver convinces him to attend a family function as his plus one, but only as  friends.

This story will really tug at your heartstrings. There were times when I wanted to strangle Connor, but then he'd do something that made it hard to stay mad at him. After the huge steps Connor and Oliver took in the first half of season two, it may seem a little jarring to see them back at this point, but that didn't make the one shot any less enjoyable. Definitely give this quick read a try!

~ M

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I ❤ Yaoi: The Tachibana Family's Holiday by nezumi_ya (Free! Doujinshi)

Hello fellow yaoi lovers! This week's yaoi manga pick is the Free! doujinshi, The Tachibana Family's Holiday by nezumi_ya.

The MakoHaru family is surprised one day with a special delivery package sent by Makoto’s mother. It’s a big box full of cute clothes that used to belong to Ren and Ran but have now gone unused. The clothes will make the children look so adorable it will be hard to contain the excitement. But wait- there’s more! Makoto’s mother seized the opportunity to send a special gift for her son and his partner; something that will make them look equally adorable on such wonderful, snowy day.

Oh my goodness! This doujinshi is absolutely adorable!!! I enjoyed every moment reading about this delightful family. Not only is the story heartwarming, but the drawings are wonderful and add to the kawaii feel of the entire doujinshi! Be sure to check out the last story in the series, The Tachibana Family's Daily Life! You can read my review for it here.

Read The Tachibana Family's Holiday here.

~ M

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Book Review: Reindeer Games by Kenzie Cade

Wassail is a small town that loves Christmas! There are plenty of activities, decorations and holiday whimsy. Dashing "Dash" von Stride works diligently to make toys and prepare for the big Christmas decorating competition amongst fellow shop owners. For most of the participants, the contest creates friendly competition, but there is always that one person who has to take everything a step too far. Frustrated that his display will fall flat, Dash opens his shop one morning to find a gorgeous sleigh, which would be perfect for his entry in the competition. He doesn't know where it came from or who left it there. However, that sleigh will open up a whole new world of possibilities, discoveries and even love.

Reindeer Games is a sweet Christmas tale which weaves the legend of Santa, his elves and reindeer into a more modern setting. Dash is a likable character who I rooted for, and Nik is mysterious and dashing (no pun intended) in every way. The only problem I had with the story was the lack of chemistry between the main characters. We are told they are destined to be together, but I never felt their connection. They are certainly attracted to one another, but in this type of situation when there is insta-love due to fate and/or being soulmates, I have to really believe their strong bond. Unfortunately, I did not.

All in all, this is a nice, relatively uncomplicated, quick Christmas read.

I received an ARC from the publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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Less Than Three Press | Amazon

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pressure by AngryFemale

Pressure by AngryFemale

For as long as Haru could remember, he and Makoto had been best friends. Due a bad home life, Makoto often stayed over at Haru's and soon became part of the family. Now that they're growing older, new feelings are developing, societal norms and peer pressure are bearing down on them and the closeness they once shared is slowly dwindling away.

This is such an engrossing story! I know you will be captivated by each and every character as you watch them grow into young men and experience life: the good, bad and the ugly. Highly recommended.

~ M

artwork credit: a3107

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I ❤ Yaoi: Paradise View by Kojima Lalako

Good morning yaoi lovers! This week's selection is Paradise View by Kojima Lalako.

Hideo and Tomohisa have been lovers for quite a while now. When they met, Hideo was a 21-year-old college student and Tomohisa was 17 and finishing up high school. Fast forward many years later and the two men and successful career-wise and more in love than ever.

Paradise View is a really sweet slice of life story that provides a brief glimpse into the lives of two men just living their lives together. There were a few moments that slightly confused me, but overall, it's a quick, cute read!

~ M

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Untitled Mpreg Coliver Fic by monicashipscoliver

Untitled Mpreg Coliver Fic by monicashipscoliver

Oliver discovers he's pregnant and is elated. However, he also knows that Connor absolutely does not want to have a family. How will Oliver come to terms with possibly becoming a single father?

Don't let the description above completely deter you from this adorable one shot. I know there are some who stay far, far away from anything mpreg related, but in this story it's merely implied. What will really catch your attention are Oliver's internal thoughts and how he'll cope if Connor decides to leave him. I don't want to give away too much of the plot, so you'll just have to check out this story for yourself!

~ M

artwork credit: hollyhairbrush

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I ❤ Yaoi: Happy Birthday to You! by miyuki (Free! Doujinshi)

Happy New Year, yaoi lovers! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! This week's feature is the Free! doujinshi, Happy Birthday to You! by miyuki.

Makoto reminisces about birthdays gone past. It seems like Haru has been a fixture at every one, making it special with his own quiet brand of friendship. Now that they're older, Makoto's mind strays towards more *physical* ways of expressing their love for one another. However, Haru's got one more birthday present in mind even after Makoto thinks his birthday has been well and truly celebrated.

I adored this sweet story! Your heart will melt seeing how much Makoto is loved and admired by his friends and family, you'll turn into a puddle of goo by the end, but it will be well worth it because the last scene is truly heartwarming and adorable. I wish there was a sequel so readers could see what happened next, but the story definitely came to a firm conclusion that I know all MakoHaru fans will enjoy!

Read Happy Birthday to You! here.

~ M

Monday, January 11, 2016

Pinkie Promises by ObsessiveDebauchery

Pinkie Promises by ObsessiveDebauchery

Even as children, Agron and Nasir knew they would be together forever.

This story is just too cute for words! Your heart will melt as you watch little Agron and Nasir confess their love for one another as Duro lends his support. This is a really quick read, but it will definitely leave a lasting impression!

~ M

artwork credit: dephigravity

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Feeling You Took With You by sourink

The Feeling You Took With You by sourink

Years ago, Haru and Makoto lost touch due to various circumstances in their lives. Makoto was able to hold on to his friendships with the Iwatobi and Samezuka teams, but Haru secluded himself from everyone. When he discovers that the person he called his best friend lives only one town away, he is distraught. Not only that, but he soon discovers that Makoto has a new lady in his life. Will Haru be able to repair his broken relationship with the person who was most important to him so long ago?

Wow! This is an incredible story that I highly recommend. sourink has crafted a tale with so many twists and turns that you'll find yourself glued to the screen. I don't want to give away the major plot points, but your heart will break and then subsequently warm while reading about these two best friends who discover true love never really dies, regardless of distance.

~ M

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year from Slashsessed!

Have a happy, safe and adventure-filled new year!
Again, thank you all so much for supporting Slashsessed for the past 3+ years! :)

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