Monday, October 8, 2012

My First, My Last, My Everything by sue273

My First, My Last, My Everything by sue273

For four years, Jasper and Edward have been in a loving relationship. However, no one but the two of them knows about it. They pretend to be buddies and roommates because Edward is afraid of the ramifications he believes he'll suffer if he comes out. After waiting and being stifled emotionally, Jasper decides enough is enough. If Edward isn't willing to make their relationship public to their friends and family, who have no issues with same-sex relationships, it's probably best that he move on. It breaks his heart, but it must be done.

This story is heartbreaking and angst-filled, but soooo good! sue273 portrays both characters with such rawness that you'll feel as though two of your own personal friends are going through emotional turmoil and upheaval. I find myself anxiously awaiting each update because I can't wait to see what happens next! Will Edward finally man up and stop hiding or lose the love of his life? Will Jasper move on and find the type of relationship he's always dreamed of...with someone else (namely a handsome, blond named Carlisle)? Put this story on your alerts list to find out!

~ M