Friday, October 5, 2012

My Angel by L.A.91

My Angel by L.A.91 - COMPLETE

Freshly out of the closet, Edward lives a pretty good life. He's one of the most popular guys at school and hangs out with a pretty cool crowd of friends. He seems to have the world at his fingertips, but the one thing that throws a wrench into his ideal existence is Emmett. Edward has had a crush on him for years, but they run in different circles...and Emmett is straight. He's just as popular as Edward, but they've never interacted very much.

When the opportunity arises for them to finally get to know each other better, Edward learns something very important about his crush. However, those feelings of happiness are dashed with a violent incident occurs at a party.

I really liked this one shot. Even though there are some shocking and disturbing moments, the overall theme of support, love and being a shoulder to lean on shines through. The story is mainly focused on Edward and Emmett, but I thought secondary character, Jasper, was really cute. To me, he seemed like an excited puppy, happy to get to know people and make new friends. :) His own spin off story would be lovely to read (hint, hint, L.A.91). lol

Definitely check out this story! Some parts are difficult to read, but the sweet, loving moments make up for it.

~ M

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