Friday, October 12, 2012

Whispering Heart by Ratts

Whispering Heart by Ratts - COMPLETE

Jacob is a spoiled, narcissistic, selfish prince. He only does things for his own enjoyment and gain and doesn't care who he steps on in the process. When he buys a vampire at slave auction, something inside of him almost instantly shifts. Kind-hearted and quiet, Edward resigns to his fate as a slave to the Alpha prince. However, over time the two men develop an uneasy friendship and camaraderie that slowly evolves into something much more.

I was captivated by this story when I read it. Jacob is such an unlikable character. He's mean, impatient and an all around jerk. However, Edward slowly chips away at his facade and teaches Jacob some lessons that not only make him a better wolf, but a better Alpha to his subjects.

Definitely check out this story! I know you'll really enjoy it! Oh, and also pay attention to the delightful character, Ryan. He will capture your heart immediately.

~ M

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