Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Month of Discounts from Dreamspinner Press!

Dreamspinner Press is offering discounts during the month of October in honor of Halloween!

Oct. 1-4: All ebooks in the Angels & Demons category are 25% off.

Oct. 5-7: All ebooks in the Vampires & Shifters categories are 25% off.

Oct. 8-11: All ebooks in the Fantasy, Fairytales and other Paranormal categories are 25% off.

Oct: 12-14
: All Yaoi ebooks & ebooks by authors attending YaoiCon are 25% off.
Amy Lane, Mary Calmes, Nessa L. Warin, Shira Anthony, Lori Hawkins, Rhys Ford, Augusta Li, Eon de Beaumont, EM Lynley, Venona Keyes

Oct. 15-18
: All Christmas ebooks are 25% off. The 2008 Advent Set is on sale for $44.99 through October 31st and will go out of print November 1st.

Oct. 19-21: All ebooks by authors attending GayRomLit are 25% off.
Abigail Roux, Aleksandr Voinov, Allison Cassatta, Amy Lane, Ana Bosch, Andrew Gray, Anel Viz, Anne Tenino, Ariel Tachna, Belinda McBride, Brita Addams, Charlie Cochet, Christopher Koehler, Clancy Nacht, Clare London, Damon Suede, Devon Rhodes, Eden Winter, Edmond Manning, Ellis Carrington, EM Lynley, Eric Arvin, Ethan Stone, Felicitas Ivey, Hayley B. James, Heidi Cullinan, Isabelle Rowan, Jacob Z. FloresJamie Fessenden, Jana Downs, Jeff Erno, Jackson CorddJonathan Treadway, J.P. Barnaby, Karenna Colcroft, Kate McMurray, KC Burn, Kiernan Kelly, Kim Fielding, Lara Brukz, Lissa Kasey, Lori Toland, Lorraine Ulrich, Marguerite Labbe, Marie Sexton, Michael Murphy, MJ O'Shea, PD Singer, Piper Vaughn, Poppy Dennison, Rhys Ford, Rick R. Reed, Rowan Speedwell, S.A. Garcia, Scotty Cade, Shae Connor, Shira Anthony, SJD Peterson, Sue Brown, T.A. Webb, T.C. Blue, Thursday Euclid, Trina Lane, Venona Keyes, Xara X. Xanakas, Zahra Owens.
Oct. 22-25: All Foreign Language titles & audiobooks are 25% off.

Oct. 26-31: All ebooks in the Ghosts & Spirits categories are 25% off.

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