Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Review: In Darkest Peru by Louise Lyons

After his boyfriend of five years unceremoniously breaks up with him virtually out of nowhere, and he loses his computer programming job, Rhys White seeks adventure and the ability to just get away from his troubles. He decides on a solo trek to Peru in hope that he can forget about his jerk of a former boyfriend and just concentrate on himself. When trouble arises during his travels, Rhys thinks all hope is lost until a handsome, Brazilian knight in shining armor appears before his very eyes.

This is a sweet short story about a man who is trying to find himself. Rhys is an extremely likeable character and I instantly found myself invested in his well-being. Rafael is everything you could hope for in a love interest: he's kind, gentle, understanding and HOT! At times I felt the progression of the main characters' relationship seemed a little rushed, but given the length of Rhys' time in Peru, it makes sense. The book certainly ended on a high note, but I hope that one day Louise Lyons revisits these characters so we can learn more about them and the bond they created in darkest Peru.

3.5 stars

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