Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Let Me Sing You a Song by SpiffyBeluga

Let Me Sing You a Song by SpiffyBeluga

Two years ago, Rei broke up with Nagisa quite suddenly and cut off all contact with him. Nagisa wracked his brain trying to figure out why his Rei-chan would hurt him like that to no avail. Now he's a famous singer and Rei has reappeared to make things right. Will Nagisa be able to forgive Rei for the pain he'd caused him for so long?

It's hard to imagine Nagisa and Rei being so distant and upset with each other, but this story shows a different side to their relationship. I look forward to seeing if Rei can earn Nagisa's forgiveness and if they can regain the love they once shared.

~ M

artwork credit: ChibiGuardianAngel

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