Monday, April 27, 2015

You're the Beast, I'm the Beauty (of magic & monsters #1) by venomedveins

You're the Beast, I'm the Beauty (of magic & monsters #1) by venomedveins

When Nasir's family and caravan makes its way through the kingdom led by Agron's father, the citizens are intrigued and stunned. Not only do Nasir's people hold great beauty and allure, but they also possess magical powers. In order to move safely through the kingdom, the often tyrannical king strikes a deal with Nasir's father: Nasir in exchange for safe passage. He will be wed to Agron and produce an heir. Nasir is obviously greatly distressed by the news, but there is something about the wild and beastly Agron that piques his interest. How will the two very different people come to terms with their current situation and their growing attraction for one another?

I'm not the biggest fan of the fantasy genre, but this story definitely caught my interest. This is the first story in the "of magic & monsters" series by the highly talented author, venomedveins. She created a world that draws you in. You will immediately find yourself caring deeply for many of the characters and probably hating a few too. ;) Pietros and Duro play pretty significant roles in this story, which is always a treat since they were taken away from us way too soon in the series.

Definitely give this fic, which is turning out to be quite epic, a try! You won't disappointed!

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