Thursday, September 17, 2015

Book Review: Unexpected Homecoming by A.J. Henderson

After a bad break up, Ben finds himself back at home living with his father and grandmother. He's heartbroken and embarrassed and wants nothing more than to wallow in his bed forever. However, his feisty grandmother knows that's no kind of life and encourages him to start interacting with the living again. When it seems that the entire town tries to set him up with the handsome new veterinarian, who also happens to be be Ben's high school crush, Matt, Ben fights it tooth an nail. Matt is a great guy, but he's just not ready for a relationship after the painful break up he just experienced. Will Ben be able to let go of the past and look to a potentially happy future?

I thought this was an extremely sweet story. Ben was an interesting character, but it was Matt who stole the show for me. He was all around wonderful: patient, kind and sweet. While reading, I sometimes thought he was little too good for Ben. I expected there to be some miscommunication and a "big misunderstanding", but Ben acted borderline ridiculous at times. He was so stuck inside his head and what he thought was real that he ignored everything else (e.g. reason and common sense) around him. All in all, I enjoyed this sweet story that was a good mix of angst, romance and pining.

Unexpected Homecoming was written for Goodreads' Love is an Open Road event, so it's a FREE READ! Download your copy here.

3.5 stars
~ M

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