Thursday, July 7, 2016

Book Review: More Than Words (More Than Words #1) by T.T. Kove

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Or is it?

Alex is tired. Tired of being bullied, ignored, and tired of his dysfunctional parents. He cleans out his locker, so no one else has to do it for him once he’s gone. When his books are knocked out of his hands, however, it sets off a motion of events that makes him feel more alive than he ever has before.

Andreas is the best friend of one of Alex’s bullies, but he’s nothing like his friend. Andreas is kind and compassionate and charming—and he doesn’t seem to mind all of Alex’s scars. When it turns out Andreas is also bisexual, and interested in Alex, it all seems too good to be true.

After reading the book summary, one would think this book is probably filled with nonstop pain and sadness, but it's actually a book about changing your life and having a hope. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of angst, but there are also a lot of lighthearted and heartwarming moments that balance out the heavy subject matter. 

I liked the main characters as well as the secondary characters. They were fleshed out and complex, and made me want to know more about them. I look forward to reading the sequel Louder Than Words and seeing how Alex and Andreas continue to build their lives together. 

3.5 stars 
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