Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Freedom by Solrojo

Our Freedom by Solrojo

Agron's life as a slave has been long and arduous, but luckily he has his brother by his side, and his good friend, Spartacus, is planning a rebellion that will hopefully free everyone. When he encounters and beautiful body slave, old memories and past hurts resurface, but he also discovers a love he never thought possible.

I must admit I love the premise of this story. Duro does not sacrifice himself to save his brother's life and readers get the opportunity to see how the two German brothers would have fared throughout many of the canonical moments from the series. From personal experience, I know many in the fandom imagine what could have been if Duro had lived, and this is a great interpretation. I felt like Agron and Nasir fell in love a little too fast and some of the grammatical error can be a little distracting, but the storyline itself is just so good! Give it a try!

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  1. Thank you for the nice comments of my story. I'm sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm from a Spanish country and I've never studied English, but I love this this fandom so much and wanted to start writing for it. I just can't stop because I love them so much. About them falling so fast in love is because I already have two stories where they take their time to get there, but in this one I did it with a purpose that I will explain in my next chapter. Again, thank you so much and I hope you can continue to enjoy the story.

    1. Thanks for writing such an interesting story! I can't wait to read more! :)

    2. Thank you. I am writing the next chapternow so I will post it soon.