Monday, September 11, 2017

Plus One by AlxSteele

Plus One by AlxSteele

After receiving an invitation to his brother's wedding, Alec is saddened by the fact that he doesn't have a "plus one" to name on the RSVP. Even though he's been in love with his best friend and roommate, Magnus, since forever, he can't bring himself to confess his feelings out of fear or ruining their friendship. When Magnus comes up with the idea that they pretend to be in a relationship for the sake of appearance, Alec is both enraptured and scared. He'll finally get to experience many of things he's only dreamed of with Magnus, but at the same time he knows this is all fake. Will he and Magnus be able to make it through the wedding without getting their hearts broken?

I loved every moment of this story! It is a monster of a read, clocking in at over 75,000 words, but I assure you, you will not be bored! This story is full of angst, pining, romance and heat and you'll fall in love with Alec and Magnus all over again. Check it out!

~ M

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