Monday, November 27, 2017

Packed My Bags And Packed You Too by Quite_Magical

Packed My Bags And Packed You Too by Quite_Magical

After being disowned when he came out to his parents, Alec has to find his own way in life and create his own family. When his uncle passes away, Alec is shocked to learn that he is the beneficiary of the will, but there's a catch. Alec must get married and live happily with his husband for a certain amount of time, otherwise the inheritance will go to his homophobic father. With no boyfriend (potential or established) on the horizon, Alec enlists the help of his good friend Magnus. They can pretend to be married, Alec will collect his inheritance and Magnus will receive a nice cut for himself. Seems simple, right? It is until feelings get involved.

I have been following this story since the beginning and I absolutely adore it. Not only are Alec and Magnus wonderful and adorable, but I also appreciate the great detail Quite_Magical puts into their traveling adventures. This is more than just a sweet Malec fanfic, it's also a great travel guide. I highly recommend giving this story a try! It will enchant you from the very first chapter. :)

~ M

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