Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Say Something! by Icylightning

Say Something! by Icylightning

In a world where soulmates receive a completed mark when their special person speaks their name, Alec was resigned to being alone. Heartbreaking trauma caused him to become mute and he has not spoken a single word in 10 years. When a gorgeous and kindhearted man stumbles into his coffee shop and life, Alec wonders if Magnus could be the one.

I always find soulmate AUs to be really sweet and this story is no exception. The added obstable of Alec's muteness adds an interesting element of suspense and tension that I liked. The relationship between Magnus and Alec is so incredibly adorable that you will fall in love with this couple many times over. Be sure to give this story a try! It's so worth it!

~ M

photo credit: Comic Con International

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