Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Review: Something Rich and Strange by Helen Louise Caroll

3.25 stars

This is a sweet story about the god, Poseidon, who lives amongst mortals. His life may soon becoming to an end, like many other gods before him, but he's determined to fight it tooth and nail. When he finds himself attracted to an unlikely choice, he just lets go and enjoys the ride, both literally and figuratively. Greg has admired Poseidon (aka Max) ever since they started working together eight months ago. He's completely surprised by the fact that Max, who is extremely handsome and fit, would find him, with his small pot belly and love handles, attractive and desirable.

Even though the story pretty much takes place over the course of one evening, it was a sweet and fluffy read. The book could have used a good editor; the typos and word choices were a little distracting.

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~ M

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