Friday, June 7, 2013

The Sun and the Moon by Ratts

The Sun and the Moon by Ratts

In a world where vampires rule and everyone else serves them, Edward Masen lives a privileged life. He runs a successful plantation and is much beloved by all of his slaves, which consist of shapeshifters. When he comes across a special shifter, an alpha wolf, he is mesmerized. His body and his feelings betray all logic and societal norms as he finds himself drawn to the beautiful creature. Jacob, who witnessed his entire family murdered before his eyes, has been consistently mistreated and abused since he was ripped from his life in the woods. He is leery of the young vampire who takes him in, but is surprised by Edward's kindness and generocity. Jacob is also surprised by his growing feelings and protectiveness towards the vampire. Will Edward and Jacob finally give in to their feelings or will they continue to butt heads in an effort to exert dominance over one another?

This story is truly captivating. Ratts' writing is beautiful as she thrusts readers into this interesting world of class, status and wealth. Edward comes off as arrogant, conceited and at times bratty, but he also has a good heart, as evidenced by the treatment of his slaves. Emmett, Paul and Seth are absolutely adorable characters! The little vampling and puppies always manage to steal the show with their sweet dispositions and childlike innocence.

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