Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It Started with a Kiss by maryhell

It Started with a Kiss by maryhell

Nominated in the "best kiss" category in the annual movie awards, Edward and Bella are assured to win. Their vampire franchise, After Dusk, has swept the award for several years. Each year, when they win "best kiss" Bella always manages to avoid the kiss that everyone's waiting to see. Edward is starting to get annoyed, and to be frank, would rather kiss one of his male co-stars. After Bella bails, once again, Jacob, Carlisle and Jasper decide to give fans an acceptance kiss that no one, especially Edward, will forget!

Why couldn't this have happened in real life!!!! I would have definitely tuned in to see these kisses. Filled with UST, romance and
just overall goodness, I wish this story could go on forever, but alas, it couldn't. However, I'm very happy with how it turned out and I know you'll love it too! Give it a try!

~ M

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