Friday, September 27, 2013

Heart and Soul by Me and Mrs Jones

Heart and Soul by Me and Mrs Jones

After watching his entire family killed and having a vampire child placed in his care, Edward and Alice live a life a solitude. Vampire children are not permitted in their world and if the Volturi find out, both of them would most likely be destroyed. With the help of Jasper, Edward keeps a careful eye on the little vampire, but something has to give. She can't remain locked away from the world for all eternity and she needs to come in contact with humans to build up a tolerance.

Edward decides to seek refuge in Forks amongst the Quileute tribe, knowing that if the Volturi show up, they may have a fighting chance. Obviously the pack is apprehensive, but Jacob makes it clear that only Edward, Jasper and Alice may stay in the area. In the midst of this meeting between enemies, Jacob's beta, Seth, imprints on Edward. Neither knows what to make of the connection, but realize  they have to be around each other. Will the pack be able to keep little Alice safe and will Edward and Seth, natural enemies, be able to overcome their differences and be together?

Even though the story is still in its early stages (at the time of this post), Me and Mrs Jones has packed the chapters with a wealth of exposition and plot. Heart and Soul looks like it's going to be a story filled with tension, twists and turns and the development of a sweet romance. I can't wait! :)

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