Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How We Survive Is What Makes Us Who We Are by DarkAliceLilith

How We Survive is What Makes Us Who We Are by DarkAliceLilith

Student and aspiring photographer, Nasir, has harbored a crush on police officer, Agron, for a couple of years now. He would love to explore his feelings, but the fact that he's only 18, Agron is seven years older and his adopted father, Spartacus, is Agron's boss holds him back. The two men have always been friendly, but because of their age difference and Spartacus, they always kept a safe distance. A photography project finally brings Nasir and Agron together, but Nasir's painful and tortuous past may threaten to tear them apart.

Sweet, angsty and intense, How We Survive... is quite an enjoyable read. The blossoming relationship between Nasir and Agron is cute, but there are also some very serious issues the couple must work through. Agron's tenderness and affection for Nasir will warm you heart and you will definitely root for this couple and their HEA. Give this story a try!

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