Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swallow Me Whole (Spit Me Out in Pieces) by venomedveins

After months of battle, scars and harsh life, Nasir begins to worry that he may be losing favor with his beloved Agron. He's no longer the soft, unblemished house slave Agron and Spartacus discovered so long ago, so when a young new recruit sets his sights on Agron, Nasir must deal not only with his growing jealousy, but the possibility that he could lose the one person who means the most to him.

Swallow Me Whole... sucks you in right from the start. It's kind of refreshing to see Nasir as the jealous and insecure person in the relationship, but my heart also breaks for him. The harmful and degrading thoughts Nasir lived with for so long as a slave bubble to the surface once again. It's difficult to watch Agron be so blind to the attentions and affections of the new recruit, but there is also something more sinister occurring with the young man. Duro is an awesome character who looks out for Nasir and kicks his brother in the ass when he needs it.

Please give this story a shot. It will definitely hold your interest and leave you begging venomedveins for more!

~ M

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