Thursday, July 17, 2014

Book Review: Lorcan's Desire (Whispering Pines Ranch #1) by SJD Peterson

Wow! This book was incredible and I'm so glad I read it!

In this story Lorcan James, a young man seeking adventure, finds his way onto Quinn Taylor's ranch desperately needing work, food and shelter. With much trepidation, Quinn hires Lorcan even though he feels an intense attraction to the young man. Confused by his own feelings towards Quinn, Lorcan happily takes the position of ranch hand if only to earn enough money to return home.

Even though Lorcan and Quinn forge a friendship, soon their feelings take over, but everything is not rainbows and puppies and declarations of love. These two men experience quite a roller coaster of emotions, leaving both of them frustrated, angry and hurt. Fear of breaking societal norms and standards eventually drives a wedge between the two men and readers witness the slow breakdown of a relationship that could have been really great.

This was an incredible story (click here for spoilers)... even if the book didn't end with a HEA. No matter

Buy Lorcan's Desire  here and here.

~ M

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