Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review: Quinn's Need (Whispering Pines Ranch #2) by SJD Peterson

3.5 stars

I was so anxious to read this book after I devoured Lorcan's Desire. However, once I made it through this sequel, I was left cold.

In Quinn's Need, Quinn Taylor is dealing with the loss of Lorcan James, the man he is love with but lost because of his fears. Lorcan has now moved on and is in a good relationship with Jess Jenkins. When Lorcan and Jess decide to move back to Pegasus to start their own ranch, old feelings that had been cast aside by both Quinn and Lorcan come bubbling to the surface.

While trying to move on, Quinn finds himself within the BDSM lifestyle. He enjoys exerting his power and dominance over willing participants and while he receives a physical release, his mind still tends to drift to his former lover. He eventually finds a partner, Ty, who can take all of the anger and roughness Quinn bestows upon him due to his need for the rush that pain from a Dom. Quinn doesn't quite understand that need, but he's more than willing to provide it. Their arrangement is established from the start: it's only physical and feelings aren't involved. Quinn makes it clear that he's still in love with Lorcan and Ty seems fine with first.

Although their brief interactions are tense and painful, Lorcan and Quinn at least try to be cordial to each other knowing they'll be living in the same town. In some scenes, you could literally feel the anger-filled, sexually charged electricity crackling between them.
I enjoyed every interaction between Lorcan and Quinn. Their discomfort was palpable and seeing their relationship change and grow was very enjoyable. However, it was the 'relationship' between Quinn and Ty that left me cold - not because I wanted Quinn to be with Lorcan, but because their interactions, both in bed and out, did nothing for me. There really wasn't much about Ty that made me want to like or care about him, and Quinn's behavior towards him (and other subs at The Push) disturbed me. I felt there could have been other outlets for Quinn's anger and pain than pretending to be a Dom. I'm not an expert on the lifestyle, but something seemed very wrong about Quinn's use of inflicting pain on others to lessen his own. Everything about that aspect of the story left me disenchanted.

Jess' behavior also frustrated me (click here for spoilers)...

All in all, this was a pretty good sequel to Lorcan's Desire, but it didn't live up to the original in my eyes. I will read the next book, Ty's Obsession, when it comes out. Hopefully it will give me more insight into Ty and possibly make me feel something towards him.

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