Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book Review: Indebted by A.R. Hawkins

When Aaron Quinn is forced to give himself to gangster Liam Sandoval for the weekend in order to pay off his father's debt, he never expected to find a warm, kindhearted and loving man under the tough mafia exterior. Being with Aaron is everything Liam has dreamed of since he was thrust into organized crime as a teenager. The selfish part of him wants to hold on to Aaron forever and build a life with him, but the logical part knows that this is no life for someone as innocent and sweet as Aaron. It's dangerous, scary and ugly. However, neither Aaron nor Liam can let go.

I really enjoyed this book! A.R. Hawkins wrote a compelling book about two of my favorite subjects: m/m romance and the mafia! I loved how Liam could be the cold, calculating member of a terrifying mafia organization, but also show a lot of tenderness and love toward those he cares about.

One of my favorite characters is Liam's close friend, colleague and confidant, Tristan. In my opinion, he was the epitome of bad ass. He did what was needed to be done without a second thought, often taking on tasks that Liam's conscious wouldn't allow him to carry out. Like Liam, Tristan had a softer side, which only added to my appreciation of him.

Some reviews I've read mentioned that they didn't like how the mafia aspect of this story was portrayed. As someone who has been fascinated by this topic for many years and has read numerous nonfiction books on the subject, I feel that the way the mafiosi, particularly Liam, were portrayed was fine. Not all men in organized crime are thoughtless, unfeeling bastards (a lot of them are, but not all). When it comes to family, they can be extremely loving, but also excruciatingly protective. To me, this is a book about a relationship between two men, one of whom just happens to be in the mafia. It's not a book about organized crime with a romance thrown in. I would encourage readers to focus on the relationships more than the lifestyle or jobs the characters have.

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