Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Review: A Holiday Job Zombie Run (Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck #12) by Jackie Nacht

Drake, a confirmed bachelor who only believes in one night stands, is shocked when one of his recent conquests stirs something inside of him he cannot deny. Wilson (or Will to his friends) has harbored a secret crush on Drake since he first saw him. He's aware of Drake's reputation, but he can't help but want to experience even a small taste of his crush's affections, knowing deep down that nothing could ever become of it.

I've enjoyed all of the Holiday Jobs that Don't Suck series so far, so I was excited to discover this new installment. I liked that Will was able to "tame the beast" if you will, and Drake was actually quite endearing once you got past his reputation. The haunted house scene was hilarious and definitely showed a different side to Drake! I thought the development of Drake and Will's relationship was rushed, but I chalk that up to the short length of the story as a whole (34 pages on my tablet). All in all this was a solid, cute Halloween-themed story that brought a smile to my face.

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