Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thaw Your Frozen Heart by whendidthisshowbecomemylife

Thaw Your Frozen Heart by whendidthisshowbecomemylife

After a tragic accident claims Rei's mother's life, he shuts down and closes himself off from all of his friends. Nagisa wants so desperately to help his best friend, but Makoto and Haru suggest giving him a little space. He begrudgingly agrees, but still feels horrible. He wants his best friend back and will do anything to thaw Rei's shattered heart.

I recently became a fan of the Free! Iwatobi Swim Club anime series and two of my favorite characters just happen to be Rei and Nagisa...well, I like all the characters, but these two are incredibly sweet and adorable. My heart broke as I watched Rei and Nagisa struggle with their feelings of loss, betrayal and pain. I cheered for Nagisa as he shamelessly pulled out all the stops to bring the Rei he knows and loves back from the dark hole that consumed him. I highly recommend this emotional, yet sweet story to all Free! fans as well as other readers who may not be familiar with the franchise, but enjoy a good story.

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