Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pressure by AngryFemale

Pressure by AngryFemale

Haru has been through a lot in his short time on this earth. His beloved mom passed away, and now the same illness she fought all her life is hindering him as well. When a shy and incredibly kind little boy moves in next door, Haru's life changes forever. In Makoto he finds his soulmate; one of the few people he would do absolutely anything for, even protect and shield him from Makoto's scary and abusive father.

What a captivating story! I've been reading this over the course of the week and I've loved every moment. Readers will follow Haru and Makoto as they grow up and experience growing pains, unfamiliar feelings and the bonds of friendship and love. It's a slow build, but your heart will flutter by the utter cuteness displayed. Our other favorites, Rei, Nagisa, Rin and Sousuke, play pretty big roles in the story too. Definitely give this wonderful story a try. There are some angsty and heartbreaking moments, but the closeness Makoto and Haru share will bring the biggest smile to your face!

~ M

artwork credit: のど

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