Monday, June 1, 2015

My Place is Forever with You by rmowens

My Place is Forever with You by rmowens

Agron and Nasir have been friends ever since Agron's family moved in next door when they were 10 and six years old respectively. Since that day, Nasir has been in love with this big brother's good friend. Even though there is a four-year age difference, both Agron and Nasir can't help but be drawn together. As the years progress and the boys grow into young men, their feelings only strengthen, but Agron does not want to mess up, especially since Nasir is so young. Will they finally be able to declare their feelings for each other?

Oh. My. Goodness! This has to be one of the sweetest Nagron stories I've read in a long time. Seeing Nasir and Agron grow up is always a treat for me (the thought of Nasir as a little boy is just too cute), and I liked how rmowens didn't have them immediately fall in love and have everything magically fall into place. Agron and Nasir have to work for their happy ending and I loved every moment of it!

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