Monday, March 21, 2016

Of Wishes and Dreams by mistyhaze420

                                                  Of Wishes and Dreams by mistyhaze420

Nasir knows his life is worthless. He's been homeless and a member of a gang since his early teens and resorting to crime in order to survive the streets. He wants a better life, but wishes and dreams are never a reality for guys like him.

Agron's life isn't perfect, but he does his best. After his parents were tragically killed, he's been taking care of his young brother, Duro. He knows he could have a better life with someone special by his side. If only that person would magically appear...

This is a wonderful read! I've been a fan of mistyhaze420's for years. Her Lessons Learned and The Thing About Falling stories are classics, and this one certainly has the same potential. I was pulled into the lives of Agron and Nasir and their struggles, fears and secret desires. mistyhaze420 has a knack for making characters so real that they almost jump off the page and embed themselves in your psyche. I always find myself thinking about her characters long after reading about them, and that's the mark of a truly great writer.

Even though she's currently concentrating on The Thing About Falling, I hope mistyhaze420 will gift readers with another Nagron story in the future. Highly recommended!

~ M 

picture credit: Dan Feuerriegel's instagram

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