Friday, April 11, 2014

The Thing About Falling by mistyhaze420

The Thing About Falling by mistyhaze420

When Brady encounters the gruff, tough and dangerous, Brandon, the cousin of his close friend Jasper, he's knocked off his feet. Never has been so enthralled by another man in his life. Brandon is drawn to the optimistic and fabulous Brady, but tries to keep him at arm's length because nothing good from them being friends. He has a record and doesn't want to taint Brady and his future. However, the feelings each man holds for the other cannot be denied. They're falling hard and fast...

This is easily one of my favorite fanfics ever. mistyhaze420 blew me away Lessons Learned, and this follow up lives up to that story and more. Every time this fic updates (and they're always long chapters), I pretty much drop everything to see what our boys, Brady and Brandon, are up to. If you haven't already, please give this story a try. You will not be disappointed!

~ M

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