Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Someone Like You by iconicklaine

Someone Like You by iconicklaine

Kurt and Blaine have been close since their days at Dalton Academy. Both harbored for feelings for each other, but there were always circumstances, and romantic partners, that got in the way. When they randomly run into each other in New Mexico, old feelings resurface and explode. Will they finally have the relationship they've always wanted or will they be doomed to unrequited love?

Well-developed and filled with twists, turns, angst and romance, Someone Like You is a great story for all Klaine lovers. I really enjoyed how well rounded each of the characters, both canon and original, were written, and felt myself rooting for Blaine and Kurt even when obstacle after obstacle was placed in their way. The icing on the cake was the music that accompanied chapters, setting the tone and putting the reader in the correct mindset for the chapter to come. Definitely check it out!

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