Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Heart of Glass by Jenasys Loveless Lovecraft

Heart of Glass by Jenasys Loveless Lovecraft

Jasper lives a pretty mundane life. It's not bad, but he misses the companionship, love and passion that comes with a boyfriend. On his birthday, Jasper jokingly wishing for it to rain men. Much to his surprise, his wish granted because a man literally falls from the sky just for him. Jasper is frightened and confused at first, but soon discovers that the innocent and endearing angel, Edward, just wants to make him happy. As Jasper and Edward's relationship grows, obstacles continue to stand in their way. Will they be able to build a happy life together or will Jasper only have his memories of an adorably sweet angel to carry with him for the rest of his days?

This story is so unbelievably cute! Edward's wide-eyed, childlike wonder and awe at the smallest things will bring a huge smile to your face. He tries his absolute hardest to ensure Jasper's happiness, and will probably make you wish you had your own angel just like him. If you want a quick read that is full to the brim with humor and fluff (with just a little angst mixed in), Heart of Glass is perfect for you!

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