Monday, April 28, 2014

Human Mate by Odalis88

Human Mate by Odalis88

After Agron and Duro are brutally attacked by their pack, they seek solace in a safe zone so they can recover and regroup. The last thing Agron ever expected (or needed) was to become enamored with a beautiful, long-haired human. Will Agron be able to walk away from their one night of passion to figure out his and Duro's next steps, or will he become irrevocably attached to Nasir, who seems to get him so well?

Suspenseful, tense and romantic, Human Mate has everything I look for in a good Nagron story! I can't help but eagerly await each new installment because Odalis88's writing has pulled me into this universe. She has effectively merged the Nagron/Spartacus universe and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Night Play universe so that it becomes something new and refreshing for Nagron lovers. Highly recommended!

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Picture credit: crazzzedope

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