Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Review: The Loudest Whisper by Dakila Reed

When one knows he's about to die, he just takes what he can to make the remaining days the best.

Erol knows his time is ticking away. In the outside, he's brimming with energy, kindness, and good-natured wit. He doesn't need anybody to know in a few months he's never coming back. A man with an emptying hour-glass for a heart as himself, he's accepted that not all things in his to-do list will ever be accomplished.

Hart is a dead man living in a monotonous life. One previous heartbreak is enough for a lifetime. When Hart walks in to find his new temporary assistant in the name of Erol to be everything he dislikes, he makes it hard for the young man to follow with the job. The kid adores a rock singer he hates. The kid is too colorful it hurts his eyes. It's like the kid's there to challenge everything he could live without.

Hart is sucking it up, what's three months in the contract anyway?

Little do they know, the three months timeline is long enough to weave fantasies. A timeline which is also too short for two men finding themselves wanting to live more than ever. Together.

I was a little skeptical when I first read the blurb for this book. However, I'm glad I took a chance and read it! This is a beautiful story about a man who wants to live life to the fullest and experience everything he can in the short time he has left on earth. Erol was an absolutely delightful character. He was exuberant and patient and everything many of us aspire to be. Hart, on the other hand, is a man who has been hurt and finds it difficult to move past the pain he's kept in his heart for so long. Even though their initial interactions made me want to reach through my Kindle and strangle Hart, I enjoyed the slow progression of the friendship he developed with Erol. 

Unfortunately, there were quite a few editing errors in this book, which is a shame because they distracted from an otherwise lovely story. Erol calling Hart "Boss" and "Boss H" irked me a bit, but I won't hold that against the book. That particular aspect just wasn't my cup of tea.

All in all, this is a lovely story that will warm your heart and inspire your soul.

3.5 stars

   I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily provided my honest review.

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