Thursday, February 2, 2017

Book Review: The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker

Henry decides to make some changes in his life after his boyfriend breaks up with him due to his weight gain. At first, he just wanted to make his ex realize what he'd lost, but soon his reasons for the lifestyle change shift when he encounters his personal trainer. Reed shows Henry that anything is possible and that superficiality can affect everyone, no matter how they look.

Overall, this is a sweet story about self-discovery and self-reflection wrapped in humor and romance. I'm sure many have seen this ugly duckling-type of story in other books, movies and TV, but that doesn't make this story any less entertaining. All of the characters are very likeable and I found myself rooting for the main characters.

I have absolutely no complaints about the writing. N.R. Walker has always been superb when it comes to evoking feelings from readers. The only thing that really stood out to me were the numerous conversations the main characters had with their friends. I know some of this is necessary for the sake of exposition, but I felt like the main characters talked to everyone else more than they talked to each other. My other point of contention was the flurry of self-deprecating jokes from Henry. I completely understand that snarky humor is just part of his personality, and it really worked on several occasions, but after a while it became too much. I will say that the jokes were somewhat toned down as the book progressed.

All in all, this is an enjoyable read that I would recommend to any m/m romance fan! Oh, and I am still looking for Henry's citrus tart recipe! Yum!

3.5 stars
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