Monday, April 3, 2017

Meant to Be by Solrojo

Meant to Be by Solrojo

Nasir lives a modest life running a business with his brother. He's frequently plagued by dreams of a man from another time, whom he was madly in love. Agron lives a life of wealth and privilege, but when he happens to lock eyes with the beautiful man from his own dreams, he's determined to know him. Much to his dismay, Nasir is not so easily swayed by the glitz, glamor and conceit, so he doesn't want to give him the time of day. Will Agron be able to convince Nasir that what they have is real?

Although in the very beginning stages, I really like the premise of this story so far. I have a soft spot for Nagron modern AUs, so I look forward to seeing this incarnation of Agron and Nasir clash...and eventually make up. ;) Duro, who is always a joy to see, and his side story sparked my interest and will hopefully be explored as well. The author could do with a good beta to help clean up typos and grammatical errors, but hopefully that doesn't distract you too much from the potentially great foundation this story has. Check it out!

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