Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Review: Another Way (Another Way #1) by Anna Martin

Although he's in a steady relationship with his girlfriend, Jesse Ross goes to others in order to sate his most secret needs. Jesse is a submissive and has been seeing his male Dominant for close to two years unbeknownst to anyone in his life. He harbors guilt, knowing he's doing this behind his girlfriend's back, but he could never ask her to perform the kind of acts he receives from his Dom, Will Anderson. Things change when both men develop feelings for one another. Jesse must come to grips with the realization that he wants to be with a man and he has to figure out how to tell his girlfriend. Will must take a step back and be patient while hoping the man he cares for so deeply chooses him.

LOVED this book! BDSM isn't ususally my cup of tea, but in this story I really enjoyed it. The focus on the relationship between Will and Jesse and the intense emotions they shared is what really caught my attention from the start and made me fall in love with the book. Jesse is confused and scared, but Will's patience, love and compassion allows him to make the right decisions for himself, Will and their evolving relationship. Jesse and Will's "sessions" made my heart race and their more tender, emotional moments with one another warmed my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and know others who enjoy m/m romance will as well.

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