Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Review: Needing a Little Christmas by Silvia Violet

3.5 stars

Sweet short story about Eli, who spends Christmas in a secluded cabin in the woods after he discovers his boyfriend cheating. While there, he is "rescued" by the handsome and burly neighbor, Mac, on more than one occasion. The two men share an instant chemistry and soon find themselves fighting their growing attraction for one another.

I thought this was a really cute story. Mac was the perfect knight in shining armor for the Eli, who, after dealing with his jerk of an ex boyfriend, doesn't really feel the Christmas spirit. I enjoyed their interactions and their shy glances at one another were adorable. Even though this is a relatively short story, I wish the MCs could have been a little more developed. Although very likable, they seemed a little one dimensional.

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~ M

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