Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Politics of Christmas by lvtwilight09

The Politics of Christmas by lvtwilight09 - COMPLETE

Emmett and Jacob are madly in love and have been together for seven years. With Christmas quickly approaching, Jacob only wants one thing: to be out publicly and married to the man he adores. Unfortunately, Emmett is unwilling to fulfill Jacob's wish because he is Governor and must protect his image, both personal and political, at all costs. Will he let Jacob slip away or risk his career for the man he loves?

I really enjoyed this one shot. lvtwilight09 not only portrayed the immense love Emmett and Jacob shared, but also the turmoil both men endured due to Emmett's fears. Even though I wanted Emmett to just bite the bullet and come out, I also understood his point of view. Coming out, especially as a public, political figure can potentially be career suicide. With a good mix of angst and romance, The Politics of Christmas is a compelling and entertaining read.

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