Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas in Virginia by cbaty

Christmas in Virginia by cbaty - COMPLETE

It's the 1960s and Edward and his family are on their way to visit his aunt for the holidays. While he's happy to see his aunt and celebrate Christmas, there is someone else who makes his body brim with excitement and heart race. After meeting stablehand, Jasper, during a summer visit, the two young men had an immediate connection and forged a relationship that grew from buddies to lovers.

This is a lovely story that will bring a smile to your face. Although set in a time when two men in love was still looked down upon and hated, cbaty shows the true beauty of the boys' love and how something to wonderful and pure could never be wrong. With the holiday season in full swing, I encourage you to read this sweet story. You won't be disappointed!

~ M

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