Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Review: Kale's Spirit by Jackie Nacht

This is a cute story about a young man who is saved by a group of people after being brutally beaten by bullies in the woods. Two of his rescuers, Hunt and Volk, feels a strong connection and attraction to him. Through his recuperation, he develops strong feelings for both of them, but realizes he has to choose one once and for all.

A quick and easy read, Kale's Spirit, surprised me in a couple of ways. First, I did not expect the paranormal/spiritual aspect with the wolves. This isn't an shape shifter story, but many of the characters have a very strong spiritual bond with their wolf counterparts. Secondly, I really liked the fact that the reader could choose his/her own ending. I liked being able to pick the ending I would prefer and experienced nostalgia as I remembered reading "choose your own adventure" books as a child.

I was very happy with the ending I chose, but my curiosity got the best of me and I read both endings. I felt the ending I chose (with Hunt being chosen) (highlight text to view spoiler) was much stronger than the other and just made more sense overall.

I felt the two sex scenes (one for each ending) were a little lackluster and glossed over. The scene with Hunt and Kale seemed a little more detailed than the one with Volt and Kale, but as I said before, I preferred that ending as a whole. It would have been nice to feel more of the passion between the characters, but I understand they were experiencing first love and fumbled their way through their firsts.

~ M

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