Monday, February 25, 2013

The Thing about Falling by mistyhaze420

The Thing about Falling by mistyhaze420

Wonderful and fabulous Brady is looking for love. He's watched his good friends, Jasper and Edward, fall in love and longs to have someone special to call his own. When he and his friends travel to Texas to visit Jasper's relatives, Brady lays eyes on Jasper's mysterious and dangerous cousin, Brandon, and he's instantly smitten. Having just been released from prison, Brandon wants to stay on the straight and narrow, but small-town, small-minded people (as well as the stigma attached to the Whitlock name) continue to test his patience. He just wants to live his life and get through probation. However, when a feisty and adorable young man waltzes into his life, Brandon thinks that maybe, for once, he can have something good in his difficult and trying life.

Much like mistyhaze's story, Lessons Learned, The Thing about Falling is an epic tale that will immediately have you addicted. Brady has to be one of the best characters in fanfiction, period, and Brandon (imagine Charlie Hunnam from SoA)....lordy, lordy, lordy! Hot, masculine and rough around the edges, he's the type of man who will pick you up, carry you to the bed and then throw you down on it before he ravishes you. *swoon*

Definitely check out this awesome story! You will be so happy you did! :D

~ M

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